A new year. A new 6YL.

Issue Three: Instinct

Our artists explore the idea of ‘Instinct’ through artwork only. In a society that is accustomed to instantaneity, where everything is ‘now’ and ‘immediate’, we examine what our instincts actually are – now and six years into the future.

Issue Three features Does, Gent48, Fintan Magee, JKB Fletcher, Unwell Bunny, Putos and many more kick-ass artists.

Issue Two: Surface

We challenged artists with our theme of ‘Surface’. With the technological advances of the 21st century, we wanted to know what ‘Surface’ could evolve into.

Issue Two features Lucy McCrae, TwoOne, JKB Fletcher, Apeseven, Joshua Miels, Jason DeMarte and many more!

Issue One: Consumerism

Our inaugural issue delves into the issue of ‘Consumerism’ and its effects on society today… and six years into the future. It’s a prevailing issue within first world societies, trickling down to heavily affect its poorer counterparts.

Issue One features Mobstr, Ted Vasin, Simon Hipgrave, Hin Chua, Jonas Marnell, James Kape, Brett Manning and heaps more talented artists!

6YL is a thoughtful curation of art on paper.

Each issue is a visual exploration of our chosen theme, showcasing the work of creatives from around the world in a limited-edition publication.