Issue Four: Power

Released November 2015

Issue Four of 6YL explores the idea of ‘POWER’. In a year full of political unrest, natural disasters, and all-round bad things, our 54 artists have given us their interpretations of ‘POWER’ through artwork only.
To complement our theme of ‘POWER’ we have given Issue Four a Melbourne-made focus from start to finish. We wanted to support local talent; everything from our contributing artists to our printers. That’s why we’ve collaborated with McKellar Renown Press to print the publication, Allpress Studio to host the launch, Temple Brewing Company to keep us hydrated, Redwood Press for some sexy apparal & The Arts Hole to bring you Issue Four of 6YL.




Joel Rea AUS Soft Science AUS Aldous Massie AUS Apeseven AUS Joshua Miels AUS Ellen Porteus AUS Mulga AUS Creature Creature AUS




Issue Three: Instinct

Released 2014

Instinct is defined as ‘an innate, typically fixed pattern of behaviour in response to certain stimuli’ which is essentially the essence of what 6YL is trying to showcase. With every issue we try and curate a range of responses to a certain idea. What better challenge than to ask artists to record their initial reactions – use their instincts and give us their interpretations of our theme.


Does UK Gent48 UK JKB Fletcher UK/AUS Unwell BunnyAUS Fintan Magee AUS Putos AUS Luke Henley AUS


Issue Two: Surface

Released 2012

Surface is a broad theme to explore but we thought it was a vital issue in this day and age with touch phones, tablets and screens that can take you into a completely different world with the swipe of a finger!


TwoOne AU JKB Fletcher AU Lucy McCrae NL So Yoon Lym US Apeseven AU Joshua Miels AU Jason DeMarte US


Issue Two: One

Released 2011

Issue One is the visual exploration of ‘Consumerism’ and an ad-free independent art-only publication. ‘Consumerism’ is an issue that dominates today’s society. We invited artists from around to world to showcase their thoughts on this issue and where they think it is leading society in six years time…


Mobstr UK Ted Vasin US Simon Hipgrave AU Hin Chua US Jonas Marnell AU James Kape AU Brett Manning US

Alex Beker
Barry P
Blaze Razgriz
Brett Manning
Danyel Payne
David Blatch
Donald Lim
Ervin Esen
Fernando Farfan
Fredrik Oscarsson
Hannah Courtin-Wilson
Hin Chua
Jack Fowler
Jack Vanzet
James Dutaillis
James Kape
Jelle Van Seghbroeck
Jonas Marnell
Jose Mertz
Juan Travieso
Jullian Callos
Larnelle Flynn
Laura Chong
Luke Darlington
Madeline Dusek
Mark Dawson
Mark Peckmezian
Michael Gramling
Michael Mitchener
Nat Sun
Pedro Matos
Priscilla Bracks
Raymond Chase
Rena Littleson
Roger Wilkie
Ryan MacDonald
Sara Gingold
Shane Smith
Simon Hipgrave
Surya Prasetya
Tae Querney
Ted Vasin
Teodoru Badiu
Zeynep Kayan