Our Story

6YL (Six Years Later) was founded in 2009 by a group of artists/designers, based on the simple idea that great art should be cherished. Everyday we are bombarded by thousands of images: on our televisions, billboards, bus stops, tablets, and of course, smartphones. We endlessly scroll, and swipe left and right. To combat this mindlessness, we wanted to create something tangible, something to be held, something that can be cherished.

Published (almost) annually, we showcase the work of creatives from around the world in a limited-edition publication. Each issue is a visual exploration of a certain concept or idea. Through artwork only, we curate a publication that explores our chosen concept and societies relation towards it: past, present and six years into the future. Each issue is curated to represent the specific faces of our chosen concept. Using quotes from wiser minds of past and present we are able to divide the magazine into six chapters, each with their own story to tell. We hope that as a whole, our six chapters are a comprehensive representation of our chosen concept. So far we have delved into the concepts of ‘Consumerism’, ‘Surface’, ‘Instinct’ and most recently, ‘Power.’

What We Do

We work tirelessly to produce a high quality publication filled full of mind-blowing art. As an independent publisher, we are able to choose exactly what we print. We made the choice from Day 1 to feature artwork only. We keep it simple; no top tips and no advertisements – just art.

We believe art can speak for itself. So we let it.

To celebrate each issue, we host a launch party and exhibition for our contributing artists – bringing together like-minded brands to help fuel the party. We ensure that 100% of artwork sales from our exhibitions goes directly to the artist. It’s just one of the ways we give back to the artists that continually support our growing project.

Who We Are

Laura Chong

As one of the co-editor of 6YL, this little project has a special place in her heart. She is responsible for the majority of happenings at 6YL: curation to print production, event management to social media… even the makings of this website! With a passion for beautiful things on paper, it was only natural to start a limited-edition printed publication. One that showcases amazing talents of the people around her, without compromise.

While the magazine is in hibernation, she works her magic at Bounty Digital as front-end developer and designer.

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Roger Wilkie

Roger is 6YL co-editor and keeps 6YL fun with little projects like SIWI (Shit I Would’ve Instagrammed) and competitions like Pimp The Pumpkin.

He is also the founder of Che Industries. Thoroughly engrossed in calling occupants of interplanetary craft to Earth, his work has been experienced on Melbourne streets for over 10 years including a 800-strong crowd at the 2014 White Night Melbourne.

Double-tap @stayingcheative

Where We’re Going

We are an ever-evolving publication that strives to promote emerging artists and their endeavours. Our inaugural issue in 2009 took the form of a top-quality zine with unique stocks and that great DIY feel. Our following issues have matured to a beautiful and elegantly printed publication where quality trumps quantity. We’re want to showcase the beauty of print and bring focus back to the luxury of experiencing art on paper. As we continue to explore and experiment, 6YL adapts… who knows what tomorrow is going to look like?